Friends of the Earth, Little Island book publishers, author Oisín McGann and Ashley House eco-printers have teamed up to create an inspiring book about climate change for young people, and we need your help!

We love books but we know they can be bad for the environment. So we’re striving to make this book in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

We need to raise €15,000! 

All funds will go towards the making of this book - which will be released in Spring 2021. 

‘A Short, Hopeful Guide to Climate Change' is not just the hard facts - it’s about inspiring action, instilling hope and reimagining a better and safer future for all.

Oisín McGann takes young readers on an adventure through time to discover how humans got into the mess that is climate change - and paints a brighter picture of the future and a pathway for how to get there. It explains the problem of climate change in an easy to digest way.

Aimed at the 12-14 age bracket, this book will inform, inspire and empower young readers. It is very much a book for our time. 

This certainly is not just a book for young people. We all need a book like this!

Our Gifts to You!

Everyone who donates to this crowdfunder will receive a digital preview of the book in December plus a certificate to acknowledge the part you played in helping make this book.

If you donate €15 you will receive an e-book and if you donate €25 you will receive the physical book signed by the author when the book is published in Spring 2021. Click the donate button for a full breakdown of gifts.

Whatever you can give will go a long way.

Whatever we raise through this crowdfunder will go directly into the making of these books - empowering lots of people, young and not so young, to join the climate movement and be a part of creating positive change.

10% of book sales will be donated to Friends of the Earth - so by supporting this project you are also contributing to Friends of the Earth's work on climate.

Thank you! #HopefulGuide

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